Postdoctoral Program

The Centre for Integrative Biology - CBI in Toulouse is launching its second call to hire high-level Post-docs interested in pursuing one of several projects (see list below).

Research at the CBI aims at understanding fundamental biological processes, including genome dynamics and expression, morphogenesis and animal development, and cognition and behavior. The CBI offers a highly stimulating, multidisciplinary environment. We welcome applicants with a PhD degree or equivalent, from any country.


Candidates should send the following documents to relevant team leaders and to Isabelle Saves:

Deadline for applications: June 2, 2017


When appropriate, shortlisted candidates will be invited to come for an interview, give a seminar and discuss research projects with group leaders.


Proposed Postdoc projects for 2017:

  1. Gaelle Legube’s team : "DNA Double Strand Break repair in the context of chromatin"
  2. Jérome Cavaillé’s team : “The biological functions of imprinted small noncoding RNA genes”
  3. Magali Suzanne’s team : "Conservation of Apoptotic Force in Morphogenesis from Drosophila to Mouse”
  4. Gachet-Tournier’s team : “Biophysics of mitosis”


  PostDoc program CBI 2017

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