Postdoctoral Program

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The Centre for Integrative Biology - CBI in Toulouse is launching its second call to hire high-level Post-docs.

Research at the CBI aims at understanding fundamental biological processes, including genome dynamics and expression, morphogenesis and animal development, cognition and behavior. The CBI offers a highly stimulating, multidisciplinary environment and Post-docs will benefit from in-house scientific and complementary training.

We welcome applicants with a PhD degree or equivalent, from any country.


2 currently proposed project:

  1. In Laure Crabbé’s group : "Telomere biology and nuclear organization”
  1. In Henri-Marc Bourbon and Muriel Boube-Trey's group to study in vivo transcriptional regulation


Candidates should send the following documents to relevant team leaders and to Isabelle Saves:

Deadline for applications: July 15th, 2018


When appropriate, shortlisted candidates will be invited to come for an interview, give a seminar and discuss research projects with group leaders.

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