Cell Dynamics and Development

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The Cell Dynamics and Development Axis combines 23 research teams that constitute a strong and coherent research and training environment around the following topics highlighting the integrative nature of studies in Cell Dynamics and Development:


They are supported by efficient platforms, including animal facilities (Drosophila, zebrafish, mice, Xenopus), up to date imaging facilities for electron and lightmicrocopy, and calcium imaging from cells up to the whole animal. The critical mass of the teams, the remarkable diversity of model systems and the scope of the integrative approaches they use are quite unique in France.

The strengths of this axis include:

from molecules and macromolecular assemblies to whole organisms

allowing sharing and transfer of know-how at both methodological and conceptual levels

dynamic approaches to follow macromolecules, cells or tissues, reorganisation in time-lapse, genome wide transcriptional regulation studies,…

combining 4D live imaging, FRET, photoactivation/inactivation, photoconversion, laser ablation, FRAP, RNA tracking, Cas9-Crispr editing of genes, and biological sensors




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