Molecular, Cellular and Behavioral Neurosciences

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It is now universally accepted that the chances of improving our understanding of nervous system development and function are increased if scientists mastering a variety of disciplines approach the problem at multiple levels of analysis.

The partners of this axis, which represent 8 research teams, share a common interest in understanding how the nervous system is built and how it functions – but look into this question from a wide variety of angles. In this regard, the axis presented here, brings together an already well-recognized cluster of research groups that are developing innovative strategies to address the molecular mechanisms underlying neurogenesis in both embryos and adults (Rampon, Davy, Pituello), individual and collective migration of neurons and glial cells (Blader, Soula), the role of adult neurogenesis and effect of mitochondrial fission/fusion or learning on the plasticity of synapses and neuronal circuits (Belenguer, Rampon), the neural bases of learning and memory (Rampon, Giurfa, Devaud) and the phenotypic plasticity underlying different forms of individual and collective behavior (Jeanson, Dussutour).

In this regard, the axis 'Molecular, Cellular and Behavioral Neurosciences' of the CBI, benefits from a constellation of teams focusing on neural development, molecular and cellular neurosciences, psychology and ethology, mathematics, physics, robotics and artificial intelligence, that is probably unique in France.


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