Laure Verret

Laure Verret

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Associate Professor, Université Paul Sabatier, IUF Junior Member 2016-2021

Remember Team

Research axis :
Memory / Alzheimer / Cognition

Research topics :
Inhibitory function / Brain oscillations / Neuronal plasticity / Cognitive deficits

Techniques :
EEG / Behavioral assays / Immunohistochemistry

Project summary :

Today, the mechanisms at the origin of the progressive loss of cognitive functions associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD) remain largely unknown. Our recent studies have shown a dysfunction of inhibitory parvalbumin (PV) interneurons in transgenic mouse models of the disease, as well as in AD patients. PV interneurons coordinate neuronal activity in the local network and throughout the brain, thus their activity is necessary for cognitive functions. In this context, the aim of my research project is to identify functional changes of PV interneurons in mouse models of AD which may induce memory deficits, and to establish new restoration strategies for memory functions in AD.


PhD students :

  • Guillaume Bouisset  « Early disruption of interneuronal extracellular matrix in Alzheimer’s disease», 2019-2022
  • Julie Riviere « Behavioral and functional imaprments induced by SNORD115 and/or SNORD116 loss of function» (co-dir J. Cavaillé, MCD-CBI), 2021-2024

Alumni :

  • Christophe C. Rey, 2017-2020 (co-dir C. Rampon): ingénieur commercial Avantor-VWR
  • Vanessa Cattaud, Vaincre Alzheimer PhD Fellow, 2015-2018 (co-dir L. Dahan): post-doc Jesse Jackson's lab, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada








Lionel Dahan & Vanessa Cattaud running some optogenic experiments.

Christophe Rey proudly presenting his poster at Sfn 2019 in Chicago


  • Rebecca Piskorowski & Vivien Chevaleyre, Centre de Psychiatrie et Neurosciences, Paris, Fr
  • Jorge J. Palop, Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease, UC San Francisco, USA
  • Dina Arvanitis, I2MC, Toulouse

Recent publications:

  • Rey C.C., Vincent V., Bouisset G., Loisy M., Lopez S., Cattaud V., Lejards C., Piskorowski R.A., Rampon C., Chevaleyre V., Verret L. Altered inhibitory function in hippocampal CA2 contributes in social memory deficits in Alzheimer’s mouse model. (2022) iScience 25 (3) Link
  • Domínguez S., Rey C.C., Therreau L., Fanton A., Massotte D., Verret L., Piskorowski R.A., Chevaleyre V. Maturation of PNN and ErbB4 Signaling in Area CA2 during Adolescence Underlies the Emergence of PV Interneuron Plasticity and Social Memory. (2019) Cell Reports 29 (5), 1099-1112. e4 Link
  • Broestl L., Worden K., Moreno A.J., Davis E.J., Wang D., Garay B., Singh T., Verret L., Palop J.J., Dubal D.B. Ovarian cycle stages modulate Alzheimer-related cognitive and brain network alterations in female mice. (2018) eNeuro Dec 14;5(6) Link
  • Cattaud V., Bezzina C., Rey C.C., Lejards C., Dahan L., Verret L. Early disruption of parvalbumin expression and perineuronal nets in the hippocampus of the Tg2576 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease can be rescued by enriched environment. (2018) Neurobiol Aging 72:147-158. Link
  • Martinez-Losa M.*, Tracy T.E.*, Ma K.*, Verret L., Clemente-Perez A., Khan A.S., Cobos I., Ho K., Gan L., Mucke L., Alvarez-Dolado M.*, Palop J.J.* Nav1.1-Overexpressing Interneuron Transplants Restore Brain Rhythms and Cognition in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease. (2018) Neuron 98:1-15. Link
  • Zerwas M.*, Trouche S.*, Richetin K., Escudé T., Halley H., Gérardy-Schahn R., Verret L., Rampon C. Environmental enrichment rescues memory in mice deficient for the polysialytransferase ST8SiaIV. (2016) Brain, Structure, Function 221(3):1591-1605. Link
  • Morris M., Sanchez P.E., Verret L., Beagle A.J., Guo W., Dubal D.B., Ranasinghe K.G., Koyama A., Ho K., Yu G.-Q., Vossel K.A., Mucke L. Neural network dysfunction in α-synuclein transgenic mice and Humans with Lewy body dementia. (2015) Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology 2(11):1012-1028. Link
  • Bezzina C., Verret L., Halley H., Dahan L.*, Rampon C.* Environmental enrichment does not influence hypersynchronous network activity in the Tg2576 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. (2015) Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 7:178. Link
  • Bezzina C., Verret L., Juan C., Remaud J., Halley H., Rampon C.*, Dahan L.* Early onset of aberrant hypersynchronous network activity and expression of marker of chronic seizures in the Tg2576 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. (2015) PLoS ONE 10(3):e0119910. Link
  • Krezymon A., Richetin K., Halley H., Roybon L., Lassalle J.M., Frances B., Verret L.*, Rampon C.* Modifications of hippocampal circuits and early disruption of adult neurogenesis in the tg2576 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. (2013) PLoS ONE 8(9):e76497. Link
  • Heng M.Y., Lin S.T., Verret L., Huang Y., Kamiya S., Padiath Q.S., Tong Y., Palop J.J., Huang E.J., Ptáček L.J., Fu Y.H. Lamin B1, a novel myelin regulator, mediates cell-autonomous neuropathology in a murine ADLD model. (2013) J Clin Invest 123(6):2719-29 (Featured on the cover of the June 3 issue) Link
  • Verret L., Krezymon A., Halley H., Trouche S., Zerwas M., Lazouret M., Lassalle J.M., Rampon C. Transient enriched housing before amyloidosis onset sustains cognitive improvement in Tg2576 mice. (2013) Neurobiol Aging 3:211-25. Link
  • Verret L. [Repairing rhythms in the brain of Alzheimer’s mouse models.] (2012) Med Sci (Paris) 28(12) 1038-41. Link
  • Sanchez P.E., Zhu L., Verret L., Vossel K.A., Orr A.G., Cirrito J.R., Devidze N., Yu G.Q., Palop J.J, Mucke L. Levetiracetam suppresses neuronal network dysfunction and reverses synaptic and cognitive deficits in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. (2012) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109(42):E2895-903 Link
  • Verret L., Mann E.O., Hang G.B., Barth A., Cobos I., Ho K., Devidze N., Masliah E., Kreitzer A.C., Mody I., Mucke L., Palop J.J. Inhibitory interneuron deficit links abnormal network activity and cognitive dysfunction in Alzheimer model. (2012) Cell 149: 708-21. (Featured on the cover of the April 27 issue) Link
  • Faure A., Verret L., Bozon B., El Tannir El Tayara N., Kober F., Dhenain M., Rampon C., Delatour B. Impaired neurogenesis, neuronal loss, and brain functional deficits in the APPxPS1-Ki mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. (2011) Neurobiol Aging 32(3) 407-418. Link
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  • Verret L.*, Jankowsky J.L.*,  Xu G.M., Borchelt D.R., Rampon C. Alzheimer’s-type amyloidosis in mice impairs survival of newborn neurons derived from adult hippocampal neurogenesis. (2007) J Neurosci 27(25) 6771-6780. Link

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