Rafael Galupa

Rafael Galupa

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I have recently obtained the FRM grant "amorçage jeunes équipes" and established my research team at the CBI in the summer of 2023. The main goal of my research programme is to understand how and why gene dosage compensation evolved, using the mouse X chromosome as a model, and to decipher molecular mechanisms that allow gene dosage to be sensed and decoded into developmental decisions.

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Some of my previous work:

Galupa et al. (2023) Enhancer architecture and chromatin  accessibility constrain phenotypic space during Drosophila development
Galupa*, Picard* et al. (2022) Inversion of a topological domain leads to restricted changes in its gene expression and affects interdomain communication
Galupa et al. (2020) A conserved noncoding locus regulates random monoallelic Xist expression across a topological boundary
van Bemmel*, Galupa* et al. (2019) The bipartite TAD organization of the X-inactivation center ensures opposing developmental regulation of Tsix and Xist




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