Function of the Dbp6p/Npa1p/Npa2p/Nop8p/Rsa3p complex in the maturation of early pre-60S particles in yeast


  • Yves Henry
  • Anthony Henras
  • Benjamin Albert
  • Jessie Bourdeaux
  • Hussein Hamze
  • Odile Humbert
  • Nanakadidia Maiga
  • Yves Romeo

Dbp6p, Npa1p, Npa2p, Nop8p and Rsa3p are components of the nascent pre-ribosomal particles and the earliest pre-60S particles and are essential for the production/stability of these particles. These proteins likely form a complex within early pre-60S particles. Nop8p is a putative RNA-binding protein that could tether the complex to the pre-rRNA while Dbp6p is a DEAD box RNA helicase that could remodel early pre-ribosomal particles. In collaboration with the team of J. de la Cruz (University of Seville), S. Fribourg (Bordeaux) and C. Plisson-Chastang (LBME), we are studying how this complex is integrated within pre-ribosomal particles and we are investigating its structure and its biochemical activities.

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