Function of Rpf2p and Rrs1p in the coordination between synthesis and maturation of the pre-ribosomal RNA in yeast and human


  • Yves Henry
  • Anthony Henras
  • Dorian Abenaqui
  • Mahdi Akar
  • Benjamin Albert
  • Jessie Bourdeaux
  • Hussein Hamze
  • Odile Humbert
  • Nanakadidia Maiga
  • Mia Latifah Maronat
  • Yves Romeo
  • Florine Roses

Rpf2p and Rrs1p are required for the integration of the Rpl5/Rpl11/5S rRNA complex within 90S pre-ribosomal particles and the production of the large ribosomal subunit. Our results suggest that Rpf2p is also involved in pre-rRNA synthesis by RNA pol I and could thus contribute to connecting pre-rRNA synthesis to pre-ribosome assembly. We are investigating how Rpf2p interacts with rDNA, pre-rRNA and RNA pol I and whether other early associating components of 90S particles required for large ribosomal subunit synthesis also contribute to RNA pol I transcription.

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