Regulation of ribosomal RNA synthesis by RNA polymerase I


  • Olivier Gadal
  • Frederic Beckouet
  • Chaima Azouzi
  • Christophe Chapard
  • Sarah Danche
  • Christophe Dez
  • Valdir Gomes Neto
  • Isabelle Leger-Silvestre
  • Henri Mboumba
  • Maria Del Carmen Mota Trujillo
  • Monica Pena Luna
  • Sophie Queille
  • Thomas Verin-Debant

In yeast, we aim at characterizing how ribosomal RNA synthesis is regulated. We isolated RNA polymerase I mutants which are deregulated in rRNA production and processing. We use a combination of RNA biochemistry, structural analysis and genomic approachs to characterize rRNA production in vivo.




Université Paul Sabatier
118 Route de Narbonne

31062 TOULOUSE Cedex

05 61 33 58 00

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