Multi-tissue morphogenesis and axis extension


  • Cathy Soula
  • Myriam Roussigne
  • Nathalie Escalas
  • Michelle Romanos


One of the key features of vertebrate embryo morphogenesis is the extension of its body along the head-to-tail axis. By using time-lapse imaging of transgenic quail embryo, we previously showed that body axis extension is defined by a complex choreography in which ectodermal, mesodermal, and endodermal tissues proliferate, migrate, adhere differently, and slide past each other. The aim of our current project is to decipher the roles of the different cell behaviors taking place in the different tissues of the posterior embryonic body to sustain this multi-tissue morphogenetic event. To achieve our goals, we use a combination of morphometric measurements, movies, functional studies, and modeling. 





Université Paul Sabatier
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