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YH Eom, A Perna, S Fortunato, E Darrouzet, G Theraulaz, C Jost, Network-based model of the growth of termite nests, Physical Review E 92 (6), 062810

This page provides the termite nest networks that were analysed in this paper. In case you want the original X-ray tomographies please contact Christian Jost

A Thoracotermes nest seen and modelled as a communication network
(a) Photo of the original nest,
(b) virtual cut of the nest from an X-ray tomographie (note the large size chambers and small size connecting tunnels),
(c) network representation of the nest,
(d) a model generated network with the same characteristics.
© Andrea Perna/CRCA-CNRS-Toulouse

This paper’s publication was also accompanied by a Synopsis

Zip archive with the networks and data description


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