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    Center for Integrative Biology

    Understanding the functioning of living organisms is the ambition of the Centre for Integrative Biology (CBI) in Toulouse. To achieve this goal, the CBI develops multidisciplinary, multi-scale approaches, from isolated molecules to whole organisms and animal societies, and uses numerous model organisms, from bacteria to humans.

    About the CBI

    New Group Leader

    The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse (CBI-Toulouse, France) is seeking a Group leader in Neuroscience and/or Animal Behaviour The Centre for Int...


    Women scientists come out of the shadows #6 - Artificial intelligence (AI)

    CNRS Occitanie Ouest and its partners are working to raise the profile of women scientists with the "Les femmes scientifiques sortent de l'ombre" operation...

    MT180: two CBI candidates at the regional final!

    On Friday 15 March, the regional final of the "Ma thèse en 180 secondes" competition will be held at the Théâtre Sorano in Toulouse.For the 2024 edition...

    Congratulations to Ikrame Lazar, winner of ARC “Passerelle” funding!

    The ARC Foundation for Cancer Research created a new call for projects in 2023: the “Passerelle” call. It was created to promote the integration of the...

    The CBI Toulouse is seeking post-doc candidates

    Application throughout the year. The Centre for Integrative Biology of Toulouse (CBI) is a prominent research centre in fundamental biology operated by th...

    Collective self-medication in ants.

    Nutrition is a major factor influencing host-parasite interactions.Animals can fight parasites by modifying their food choices to strengthen their immune s...

    Detection before destruction: an ultrafast laser to capture an elusive radical.

    Enzymes are involved in essential biological processes, but their fragility is an obstacle to obtaining their intact structures using conventional structur...

    Olaya Rendueles García and Mathieu Chavant, laureate of the CBI-external 2023 team call, create two new teams at LMGM-CBI in January 2024!

    Olaya Rendueles García, CNRS bronze medalist in 2021 and CNRS researcher at the Microbial Evolutionary Genomics laboratory (Institut Pasteur), joined LMGM...

    Femmes & Sciences and the CBI have developed an operational mentoring scheme using collective intelligence tools

    Mentoring is a way of supporting young doctoral students and contributing to their personal development. Since 2015, the Femmes & Sciences association has ...

    Patrice Polard on mission in India as part of the new Indo-French International Research Network (IRN) MIRA

    As spokesperson for the new MIRA (Emerging Infectious Diseases and Antibiotic Resistance) international research network (IRN), Patrice Polard (LMGM-CBI) t...

    Congratulations to Fabian Erdel, winner of the 2023 BINDER Innovation Prize awarded by the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ)

    On 29 November 2023, Fabian Erdel (MCD-CBI) will receive the 2023 BINDER Innovation prize awarded from the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ).This prize...

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