Visualization of chromatin loops in vivo


  • Olivier Gadal
  • Frederic Beckouet
  • Dorian Abenaqui
  • Chaima Azouzi
  • Nathalie Bastie
  • Claudie Carron
  • Christophe Dez
  • Valdir Gomes Neto
  • Isabelle Leger-Silvestre
  • Henri Mboumba
  • Monica Pena Luna
  • Sophie Queille
  • Thomas Verin-Debant

It is well established that epigenetic gene regulation is regulated by chromatin structure. However, the biophysical properties of chromatin in vivo are still poorly understood. Here, we propose to elucidate the interplay between chromatin properties and transcription regulation focusing on chromatin loops. . We will explore the properties of   chromosomes in a consortium involving biophysicists, geneticists and cell biologists.

This work is a collaboratif effort with teams of  K. Bystricky (CBI), A. Bancaud (LAAS- Toulouse) and C. Zimmer (Institut Pasteur, Paris)



Université Paul Sabatier
118 Route de Narbonne

31062 TOULOUSE Cedex

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