Synaptic plasticities induced by learning


Memory requires the modification of synaptic connections between neurons. One mechanism able to support such synaptic plasticity, called Long Term Potentiation (LTP), has been discovered 40 years ago by Bliss & Lomo. It can be easily triggered by high frequency stimulation and the cellular mechanisms involved in LTP induced by high frequency stimulation are now well understood. Behavioral studies suggests that the same cellular and synaptic mechanisms occur during LTP and memory formation. However, only few recent studies successfully managed to measure hippocampal LTP actually induced by learning and the mechanisms responsible for what is called learning-induced LTP have been poorly studied.

By using field potentials recordings in freely moving mice we successfully evidenced learning-induced LTP in mice following training in the contextual fear conditioning. This will allow us to study the synaptic plasticity induced by learning.

More specifically, our ongoing projects focus on:

  • The dynamics of learning-induced LTP at different hippocampal pathways (mossy fibers, schaeffer collaterals, etc...)
  • The mechanisms underlying the transition from early to late learning-induced LTP.



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