Congratulations to Olaya Rendueles, winner of the France 2030 "Chairs of Excellence in Biology and Health" programme!

Olaya Rendueles (LMGM-CBI) is one of 22 scientists selected as part of the "Chairs of Excellence in Biology and Health" scheme, the aim of which is to support the work of highly talented researchers on major new projects in France, and fund them up to €47 million.

Each chair receives funding of €2-3 million over a five-year period.

The winning MicroINTERACT scientific project in this call for proposals for "Chairs of Excellence in Biology-Health" focuses on the "Role of microbial interactions in human pathogenesis". Addressing the major public health issue of bacterial antimicrobial resistance (AMR), this project has a major societal impact, as AMR is one of the ten major threats to global health.

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