Quality control of bacterial ribosome assembly by the RNA degradosome

RNA degradosomes are protein complexes that, by processing and degrading RNAs, shape the transcriptome to control gene expression.

In many Gram-negative bacteria, RNA degradosomes are proteins located at the inner membrane of the bacterium. The reason for this localization was not understood.

Using mutants that have free degradosomes in the cytoplasm, A. J Carpousis and his team L. Hadjeras, M. Bouvier, I. Canal, L. Poljack, Q. Morin-Ogier and L. Hamouche (LMGM-CBI), and their collaborators from Toulouse, demonstrated that this localization is important to preserve the quality of the ribosome assembly.

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Patricia Siguier

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Figure : Les dégradosomes d’ARN fixés à la membrane cytoplasmique interne contrôlent la qualité de l'assemblage des ribosomes après la libération des intermédiaires du nucléoïde.