The new CBI building is coming out of the ground !

By 2020, the CBI will benefit from new premises, designed and built in close cooperation with users.

This operation is part of a funding "Toulouse Campus" for an amount of 36.5 M€.

The construction of the 12 400m² of laboratories, technological platforms and offices began in October 2017. Physically connected to the existing IBCG building, this construction will constitute, with the latter, a coherent whole facilitating exchanges between the quarantine of research teams to foster scientific cooperation and provide a pleasant and efficient working environment.

In the same perspective, part of the IBCG building benefits from energy rehabilitation through the restoration of its facades. This operation, carried out with CPER financing (State-Region Plan Contract) of 1.85 M€, will improve the thermal comfort of the research staff and will create an architectural continuity for the new ensemble, in connection with the aesthetic choices of the project for the new building…