Olaya Rendueles García and Mathieu Chavant, laureate of the CBI-external 2023 team call, create two new teams at LMGM-CBI in January 2024!

Olaya Rendueles García, CNRS bronze medalist in 2021 and CNRS researcher at the Microbial Evolutionary Genomics laboratory (Institut Pasteur), joined LMGM-CBI in January 2024. Olaya Rendueles García's research aims to develop a multidisciplinary project combining computational and experimental approaches to study the ecology and evolution of microbial social interactions. The team is interested in competition and cooperation between genotypes, but also in horizontal gene transfer events mediated by mobile genetic elements such as plasmids and phages. The studies focus on surface structures, and namely the capsule, as a major driver of social interactions, using Klebsiella spp., a highly diverse genus of enterobacteria ubiquitously found in nature, as an experimental system.

Matthieu Chavent, CNRS bronze medallist in 2023, CNRS researcher and head of the “Multiscale Computational Immunology” team at IPBS, joined LMGM-CBI in December 2023. The "Multiscale Modelling of Biological Membranes and their interactions" (M2BMi) team develops innovative methodologies for multiscale modelling and the integration of experimental data into numerical models. More specifically, this team is developing approaches to better characterise the biophysical behaviour of biological membranes and the proteins found in or at the periphery of these membranes.

CBI welcomes them and wishes them much success!



Olaya Rendueles García  © Photo : Tea-Vie          Matthieu Chavent  © Photo :Françoise Viala

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