Japanese delegation to visit the CBI on Monday 11 September 2023

As a side effect of the Rugby World Cup and the welcoming the Japanese team to Toulouse, a delegation from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, the national university in Ikoma, Japan, visited the CBI on Monday 11 September 2023.

Composed of Professor Kaz Shiozaki, President of NAIST, Professor Tsuyohi Kawai, Head of the Graduate School in Materials Science, Robert King, Head of Internationalisation of NAIST students and Naomi Tsujiue, in charge of International Affairs, the delegation was accompanied by Fabrice Gamboa, Vice-President in charge of International Relations at UT3 and Gwenaël Rapenne, UT3 Professor who also teaches at NAIST. The long-standing collaboration between NAIST and UT3, sealed by long-standing exchanges in the field of materials science and a Master's student exchange agreement, has been extended this year to the field of biology.

In this context, the CBI is exploring all avenues of collaboration with the Division of Biological Sciences, and initial commitments have already been made, particularly in the fields of microbiology and systems biology. Please visit the NAIST BS division website and contact Isabelle Saves (CBI) if you would like to talk to our Japanese partners.


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Isabelle Saves