The CNRS, Instant Science and the Academy of Toulouse launch the Escape Game "Recherche sous tension" (Research under stress), focusing on the scientific process.

Researchers are often called upon to provide insights into a wide range of social issues. Their contributions are based on a common principle that underpins their professional activity: the scientific approach.

To enable the younger generation to immerse themselves in this approach, in a fun format, the CNRS and Instant Science have decided to create an Escape Game, accessible from the age of 14. The aim: to explain the scientific process, and how the value of a research conclusion cannot be compared to that of an opinion.

Pierre Genevaux's team (LMGM-CBI) is one of four scientific partners involved in this project.

As part of the launch of the game during the Fête de la science 2023, Mr. Jocelyn Méré, CNRS Occitanie Ouest regional delegate, Mr. Johan Langot, Instant Science director, and the inspectors from the Toulouse education authority attended the "premiere" of the game during a demonstration organized with classes on October 10 at CBI.

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